The vast majority of all headaches are common “Tension Headaches”. This means that the pain is simply referred (or ‘travels’) from a tight muscle in the neck up into the scalp muscles, because the neck muscles and scalp muscles overlap. The origin of a headache is commonly due to the head/neck being in an extreme or awkward position for too long (eg. While sleeping, reading, on computer, driving, watching t.v., etc.). Other sources of headaches are from chronic tension and misalignment of the mid-upper back – the muscular tension travels from this region up the neck and into the head like biomechanical ‘dominoes’. The function and alignment of any region of your body (and therefore the presence or absence of pain there), depends most directly upon the alignment and function of the region below it, which is supporting it. Over 90% of what our patients have believed to be “Migraine” headaches are actually just very strong Tension Headaches due to one of the causes above.

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