This is one of the most common conditions treated in our office. Studies show that low back pain affects over 80 % of people at some point in their lives. As in other parts of the body, here the pain usually stems from muscles, tendons and/or joints. Causes of low back pain range from sudden bend/lift/twist motions to chronic misalignment of the pelvis and lower back due to postural foot problems (the foundation of the spine & pelvis). Good core (ie. torso) strength is key in avoiding problems of the lower back.

Excessive sitting is also a major contributor to pain in this region. Because we now sit for so much of our day (car-work-car-couch), it has a real impact on the alignment, mobility and strength of our lower back.

Our body is a vehicle, designed for the function of walking. While our practitioners and therapists are extremely effective at treating low back pain and restoring normal motion, regular walking of 30-45 minutes each day is the single best preventative measure, and is especially effective when combined with a daily stretching routine.

Treatment for low back pain involves finding the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments involved, then gently removing tension, inflammation and pain and restoring normal motion. Of course avoiding repeating any initial aggravating action or activity is always helpful.

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