“Sciatica” refers to irritation of the sciatic nerve, which comes from branches of the spinal cord (called ”spinal nerve roots”) at both the lower back and pelvic levels. This nerve supplies both sensation and impulses that direct movement to the entire leg, from the hip downwards.

The sciatic nerve is commonly irritated by pressure and rubbing from both tight muscles that traverse over it, and motion-restricted (or locked) joints in the lower back and pelvis.  Excessive periods of sitting, when repeated daily, in combination with poor seated posture are common causes of Sciatica, as is postural imbalance.Common symptoms that result from sciatica include pain and/or a “pins and needles” sensation (called “paresthesias”), in the buttock and side or back of the thigh area.

Chiropractic has consistently been shown by research studies and patient feedback to be the most effective treatment for sciatica, especially when combined with massage therapy.  This is because Sciatica most often stems from tight muscles and motion-restricted joints.

There are a variety of helpful and easy-to-learn stretching techniques available to help keep this condition at bay.

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