Welcome to Markham Family Chiropractic and Physiotherapy.  We are located at 128 Main St. North in Markham, on the southwest corner of Main St. North and Wilson St. (2 lights north of Hwy 7).

We offer a wide range of healthcare services that provide relief from pain and stiffness anywhere in the body. We  increase mobility for people of all ages: from children to seniors. Our patients come from all walks of life and include couch potatoes, internationally-ranked athletes and everything in-between. 

Our patients benefit from an increased understanding of their body, providing each of them with the knowledge they need to maintain their highest potential pain-free mobility. Some patients just want to remove a nagging pain. Other  are being held hostage by debilitating pain and just want their life back.

Our staff offers well over 100 years’ of combined clinical experience.  This translates into a team of practitioners and therapists who know from years of clinical education and experience how best to treat your condition. That’s how we get you back on your game the fastest.

Our Team Of Professionals

Treatments That Work With Proven Results